Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Remember that whole "Spa Day" thing? Yeah. The Parasite awoke with at midnight the night before, utterly inconsolable. Within a couple of hours her temperature spiked and an attempt to take her temperature using the ear thingie (that's the technical term, BTW) was met with "ow, ow, ow". A trip to the clinic the in the morning confirmed an infection. An infection that required antibiotics. Antibiotics that made her sick. Which required another trip to the clinic to rule out allergic reaction. A trip to the clinic which resulted in a lovely bout of something Gastroenteritis-like for me. Oh, did I mention her birthday party was on Sunday? Yeah. Happy Birthday, Parasite!

On top of the crippling fatigue and stomach issues, I received confirmation that this was NOT our month in the conception department. Suffice it to say my "Spa Day" did not go as planned. Yet in spite of all the trials that go with turning a parasite into a functional human being, I still desperately want to start all over again. Clearly I am broken on a deep and profound level!

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