Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 10 Sweet Nothings from The Parasite

  1. "Good job, Mommy!" - After I successfully used the potty - all by myself!
  2. "Goin' shopping. Buy a food. Some eggs and a toast." - As she climbed in her Cozy Coupe in the backyard.
  3. "Have a nice day, other babies!" - As we left daycare.
  4. "Hab a booger nose!" - Statement or demand? - YOU DECIDE!
  5. "NO! That's MY mommy!" - After seeing The Husband give me a hug and a squeeze.
  6. "Need chok'it milk... Pleeeeeease!" - At dinner, when throwing the cup at The Husband did not have the desired effect.
  7. "Get a new shirt, Mommy. Make the machine go "woo-woose" - As she shook from side to side, mimicking the agitator of the washing machine.
  8. "That's mines!" - The plural of "That's mine!", toddler-style.
  9. Me: "What are you doing?" The Parasite: "Poopin'." - What now qualifies as dinner table conversation in our house.
  10. "Night-night, Mommy. See you later. I love you, too! - Bedtime swoon.

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