Thursday, April 14, 2011

Repressing Memories

There is some evidence that the notion of repressed memories is false. Maybe. But the idea of "motivated forgetting" is definitely real. I'm usually out the door and at my desk at work before The Husband gets The Parasite up for the day. However, as we know I have been felled by Ebola this week and got off to a late start this morning.

I was just about gone when I heard The Husband say "Awwww, Parasite. Are you OK?" Some time during the night, she threw up and continued to sleep in it. Oh, and she rolls around in her sleep. A LOT. OMFG, the mess! Complete stripping down of the bed, the stuffed animals, the kid, the running of a bath -- because there's no way THAT was coming out of her hair without a full shampoo -- a call to the office to say I wouldn't be in, a call to the daycare to say she wouldn't be in and a couple of loads of laundry later the disaster was over.

And, joy of joys, she refused to wear a diaper for her nap so I could have to do it all over again with different bodily excretions when she wakes up. I had no idea that parenthood was a life-long episode of Dirty Jobs. I am the only adult present so the practice of drinking to oblivion will have to wait until later. In the meantime, I am doing my level best to practice some "motivated forgetting" of my own.

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