Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Spa

There was a time when I was up on the latest music and the latest fashion and the latest restaurants. Now I find out about artists I like because I see a movie trailer, hear a song I like as part of it and get my Google on to find out more. Sad. Sad. Sad. I always thought I'd stay cool when I was married with child(ren).

The Parasite's birthday is on Sunday. TWO! Holy shit, my kid is two. That makes me feel very old. I had plans to take her to the zoo tomorrow but for some reason Spring has decided to pass us by this year and it's going to be too cold in the MIDDLE OF APRIL for an outdoor outing. My in-laws are coming for the weekend and while they're lovely people it's very stressful having them around for days. Between that, work stress, the pregnancy struggles (pretty sure this wasn't our month either) I've decided that Mama is due for a trip to the spa.

Sure, I'll spend the morning cleaning the house in prep for my MIL's eagle eye but when I have an afternoon of someone touching my skin who isn't a toddler clamouring for attention or a husband clamouring for... attention to look forward to, it'll seem a little less like drudgery. I think.


Posh Culture said...

LOL! Nice post.. New on your blog.. Love it!
Posh Culture would like to wish you a happy easter.
Check out our blog; u'll definitely be seeing more of us on your blog :)

Unknown said...

Life with a 'parasite,' after reading that title, I don't feel so bad about refering to my little man as Satan, Seed of Satan, Satan's spawn etc in my blog.
Great blog by the way!

The Host said...

Thanks to the new folks that have stopped by. I hope to keep you a little entertained in my journey.