Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The one where she talks about gettin' hitched

On the day we said our vows our wedding bangs signalled the ceremony was coming to a close, that we entered the chapel as boyfriend and girlfriend and were leaving as husband and wife. The Husband and I are... somewhat liberal in our sensibilities. We were living together already, some wondered why we bothered to get married when neither one of us had any religious principles or cultural norms insisting that we do. Frankly on more than a few occasions we wondered why we were bothering ourselves. Allow me to explain why we got married, if only for myself. 
I have explained that our courtship was swift. Holy shit, I just used courtship in a sentence. 150 years ago called, they want their word back. Anyway... When The Husband proposed I thought the idea of getting hitched in Vegas with Elvis as the officiant was *hilarious* and would have considered doing it on a lark. It just seemed like the next logical step in our progression and a lot of fun too. I mean, I was (and still am) crazy in love with him, but who takes an Elvis wedding all that seriously? Yet somehow even in Vegas, even with Elvis as the officiant, standing up in front of people promising the best of ourselves to each other and exchanging rings as a symbol of that promise meant something to me.

Granted, I think joint real estate ownership and child-rearing has made us more of a "married" couple than Elvis ever could, but there comes a point where simply saying "I love you" doesn't cover the sentiment anymore. It requires something deeper, more meaningful. The ring speaks to everyone and says something about the wearer, good or bad, to the whole world. Maybe it's not forever, I'm cynical enough to believe that people change and what one thinks is perfect today could seem like a horror ten years later. That doesn't mean it the vows weren't true on the day the vows were spoken and that ring was placed on the finger of the wearer. 
I don't think anybody's private life is any of my business. I think that people who don't want to get married shouldn't and people that do want to get married should - period. Maybe the vows need to change from "til death do us part" to "til I can no longer stand the sight of you". Maybe the whole idea of the institution of marriage needs to change. I don't know. What I do know is that having someone who has seen my at my best and my worst and still manages to love me is great comfort. Looking down and seeing the ring that symbolizes that gives more comfort still.

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Jo said...

I seriously could not agree more with your sentiment. Beautifully done. C-:

Anonymous said...

This was terrific! I want to be sitting in the pew and looking at the other guests when someone finally speaks, "'til I can no longer stand the sight of you" up at the altar. Loved that. :OD

Oh, and I really like the word 'courtship,' but then again, I would. ;O)

Mojo Writin said...

A little more courtship and a little less 'Do me until we get bored' would make this a better world! Loved this post.

The Host said...

Jo - Thank you! :)

Word Nerd - It does have a certain quaintness to it, doesn't it? I may write The Parasite's vows for her some day, and I'm can't promise I won't throw that line in there to liven things up a little.

Mojo - Thank you!