Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things I Learned on the Internet #1 - A Use for Smelly Soap

I'm generally not a fan of scented things. I prefer to smell like a clean person and my house to smell like a clean house than for either my body or my home to smell of the strong scents of the products used to clean them. In fact when I use a public restroom and find my hands smell strongly of the fragrance of their soap, I'm a little bit annoyed. How clean can my hands be if they stink of watermelon or whatever the hell that Godawful fake fruit stench is?

However, in this new series "Things I Learned on the Internet" that I plan to update on the 12th of whenever, I'm pleased to share that I have found a use for all those gift baskets of smelly soap! Little kids often take pride in the clever tricks they use to avoid basic personal hygiene. Why? I don't know. Kids are gross. Anyway, a wise mom on the internet advised that she uses a strong smelling soap on purpose so that when she asks her kids if they washed their hands, she can check to see if they're lying with a quick sniff test.

OK, if they haven't washed their hands that could be incredibly vile, but at least they won't be using those grubby mitts to eat dinner. It's brilliant!

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