Friday, June 3, 2011

By any means necessary - Final thoughts

I gave a lot of thought to the rest of the questions raised in The Dollars and $ense of Family Building, but I'm not far enough down this long and winding road to know the answers. For example, right now I'd say I won't consider ART in another country for any reason, financial or not, but I'm not there yet. I also swore I'd never breastfeed past a year or let my toilet-trained kid use a pacifier to sleep at night and those words were not very tasty.

I do know that any lengths we go to for our next child will be worth it. "They" say you have no idea how much you will love these little people, how much they will change you and it sounds like a hyperbole. It's not. Before The Parasite, I had no idea that there would be someone on this earth I would literally give my heart to if she needed it. We're going to make her a big sister, by any means necessary.

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