Thursday, June 30, 2011

NaBloPoMo - Mission Complete!

I did it! 30 days, 30 posts. And some of them were done using the mail2blogger function from the road. I'm a little afraid of what my bill is going to look like with the international roaming fees but it was worth it! I learned a lot about my style and writing habits in this process and I can tell you that I'm probably not going to keep up daily posts. At least not until November...

Let's face it, if any of you were here every day you know that there was some filler in these here posts. However, I will aim for three posts a week. Two of them will be usual "day in the life" updates, because *I know* you want the scintillating details of the condition of my uterus and The Husband's sperm. As for the other one, I'd like to do something of an ongoing feature. I'd like the other post to be either:
  • Brutally honest product reviews; or 
  • Reader questions submitted by you
I can't decide what's more useful or interesting so I turn the floor over to you, dear readers. What do you think the weekly feature on Life with a Parasite should be?

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