Friday, June 24, 2011

The Mayor has no Pride

The Pride parade is a pretty BFD here in the City of Toronto, and one of the largest tourist events of the year. The Mayor of Toronto has marched in the parade to show their support for the gay community every year for the last 16 years. Our newest Mayor, elected this past fall, will not be participating this year.

The gay community is profoundly offended by his decision, and I understand why. It IS a slap in the face. It IS shirking his responsibilities as the Mayor of a large and culturally diverse city. But what I'm most surprised about in all of this kafuffle is that people are surprised. Rob Ford's homophobic tendencies are well known. He's a racist motherfucker too. Don't look at me, I certainly didn't vote for him. Events supporting the gay community, cultural minorities and anything outside of watching football and drinking cheap draft beer are totally out of his depth.

Maybe people thought he'd stop being an asshole after his campaign? Like once elected he'd have some sort of epiphany and suddenly want to be one with his people. Am I expected to believe that people in this city are really that naive? Now he's got the power and you expect him to be less of a douche? That's just crazy talk!

Accept that it is what it is, and that what it is isn't really surprising. The Pride parade will carry on and everyone will have a great time without Rob Ford. Most of the attendees are from out of town so they won't even know who he is and therefore won't notice his absence. Consider it a blessing. I don't think we want the world to know we elected Peter Griffin.

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