Friday, June 17, 2011

I guess this is growing up

I spent what felt like forever on hold today to update the beneficiary information for one of my investment accounts. The Husband and I are drawing up our wills, because having a kid makes you think about such things, and it seems that account was missed in the mass change after the wedding. I've been meaning to make the change for months, I just needed a firm reminder.

Sadly, that reminder came in the form of The Husband's grandmother passing away yesterday. Granny was a sweet lady who was largely responsible for bringing The Husband's family to Canada, so in a way I owe her for my good fortune. I'll be flying solo for a few days as The Husband flies to the other side of the country for the funeral to remember her.

Remember when you were a little kid and you were pretty sure growing up meant that you could stay up all night and you didn't have to eat your Brussels sprouts and it would be all awesome, all the time? Instead it means funeral arrangements and fertility clinics and paying bills AND eating Brussels sprouts when that's all there is in the fridge.

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