Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mommy Daddy Time

You know who I'm a really big fan of? The Husband. He's awesome. He's a great partner and a great dad and he puts up with my shit. Sure he does stuff that drives me nuts but I'm sure it's mutual and when the chips are down there is NOBODY I would rather have by my side. Life gets busy. We've got two full time jobs and a wonderful child that we're committed to raising as partners. We've got the stress of working on the next one and an endless stream of stuff that needs to get done to manage a home.

It's easy to get bogged down in the drudgery. To forget in the cycle of "Get up, get ready, go to work, pick up the kid, make the dinner, do the dishes, bathe the kid, put her to bed, do the laundry, pay the bills, update your blog for NaBloPoMo ;), floss, set the alarm, go to bed" that you're not just a mom, you're a wife. There's someone in this with you, and your relationship with him needs a little maintenance too.

And THAT is why we're lucky to have a reliable babysitter on a Saturday night so that The Husband and I get the hell out of Dodge and spend a night being just us again. We'll probably spend most of the night talking about The Parasite and missing her and I'll worry to a freakish extent and he will talk me off the ledge. Because that's what he does. And that's why I love him.

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