Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yuppie Survival Guide - Tiny Bubbles

You've no doubt heard the expression "Champagne tastes, draft beer budget" and that's sort of true here. Sure, that draft beer is usually some snotty import or dreadfully pretentious microbrew, but whatever. I love my snob beer and I make no apologies for it. Luckily The Husband decided to start making his own beer as a hobby and after a few months of trial and error, we have some mighty tasty brews at the end of a long day. But once in a while, I still like the tiny bubbles. What's a girl trying to save up for her next family vacation to do?

I have yet to find an inexpensive champagne that's not cheap, and cheap is unforgivable. However, champagne refers to a very specific kind of bubbles from a very specific part of France. Other countries well known for wine (love you Italy!) make their own bubbles that are much less expensive than their French cousins and in many cases taste just as good or better. Sure, there's some shitty ones out there (*cough*yellow tail*cough*) but I've had champagnes that could peel paint too.

We're particularly taken with the Proseccos of Italy, though yesterday's "Thank God Monday is over!" selection was a Cava from Spain. We like to crack open a bottle and chill in the backyard once The Parasite is off to bed for the night. Not too sweet and not too dry, it's a treat that seems decadent but for less than $15. I highly recommend these laid back cousins for an excuse to break out the ever-so-elegant champagne glasses. It makes you feel so much better about the tiny peanut butter hand print you noticed on your pants - halfway through the day.

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