Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did I forget anything?

Hi, and welcome to my house at Stupid O'Clock the morning! Very soon we'll be heading out on the grand adventure that is a long road trip with a toddler. I told you I like to plan, right? This is what happens when slightly (HA!) neurotic meets VERY organized. So what does planning gone wild look like anyway?
  1. Water wings, to be left in the diaper bag "just in case"
  2. Floatie-thing, like water wings only bigger
  3. Beach sun shelter, take it out of the bag and give it a shake *poof* instant shade!
  4. Little People lunchbox house, includes little people and furniture in one portable container 
  5. Unsweetened applesauce
  6. 3 cups dry Cheerios
  7. 3 cups Goldfish crackers
  8. Dora
  9. Boots 
  10. Diego*
  11. Mini apple juice boxes (x12) to be mixed 50/50 with water
  12. Assorted cutlery
  13. Individually wrapped 4pks of cracker
  14. Fruit cups
  15. Kleenex
  16. Disinfecting wipes
  17. Peanut butter
  18. Paper towel
  19. Starbucks Breakfast Blend (OK, that's for me)
  20. Elmo Fun Pack - Colouring and activity books, stickers and washable crayons
  21. Cup holder shaped container of Wet Wipes
  22. Extra diaper wipes
  23. Overnight pull ups, because while I am prepared to do A LOT of laundry at home for my cloth-diapered, 98% potty-trained kid, I'm a little pickier on the road.
Right now you're thinking "Well, that seems reasonable", aren't you? Now let's review what's not pictured:
  • Umbrella stroller that resides in the car permanently
  • Disney Princess travel potty - I've mentioned my feelings about the Disney Princess movement. Somehow, I'm OK with her pissing all over the princesses. Also? $7.
  • Widemouth mason jar to collect anything deposited in said potty until we reach an appropriate receptacle. Because human waste at the side of the road is just gross. Hence the disinfectant wipes.
  • Clothes, including umpteen changes of very small underwear, because accidents happen
  • Toiletries, including sunscreen and specialty shampoo and conditioner for the finest of baby fine hair
  • Toddler bedding and the Mickey and Teddy Bear she sleeps with every night and excitedly brings to "Mommy Daddy bed" every weekend
  • 2 pacifiers (Yes, she still sleeps with a pacifier. Yes, I know I'm a terrible mother and I'm going to hell)
  • Cooler bag items: Milk, yogurt, lunch meat, cheeses slices and tortillas (for sandwiches), various fresh fruits including blueberries, which are probably the best car snack EVER!
  • 24 bottles of water, some of which are frozen to serve as the coolant in the cooler bag
  • Portable DVD player that attaches to the headrest
  • Approximately 27 hours of Dora and Diego, with some Backyardigans and Tinker Bell thrown in for good measure
  • One 20GB Ipod loaded 50/50 with music the whole family can enjoy (*twitch*) and stuff The Husband and I can enjoy when she's asleep
  • Plastic bags in various sizes and shapes 
  • Diaper bag that is always stocked with emergency toys, snacks and changes of clothes
  • Sippy cups, disposable plates, straws, plastic spoons, napkins
  • Travel necessities: Passports, GPS, directions, laptop, keys, cash in the appropriate local currency, including small bills for toll booths, etc.
Oh, right. The Husband and I have some stuff in there too. You could tell me that you've noticed a critical item or two that I should have thought of myself, but then I might have to kill you. And now, it is 5:18 am. In   about 12 minutes I will try to transfer a sleeping child to the car and pray she stays asleep for at least another two hours. Wish me luck! I'll update from the road.

*She also has all of the Backyardigans, but I thought that might be overkill.

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