Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let the examination process BEGIN!

You'll be pleased to know The Husband's sperm count is just fine. I know he was because he took several opportunities to mention how awesome his swimmers are. We both endured a major bloodletting. They took 9 vials out of him, I was too busy trying not to pass out to count how many they took out of me. He has to provide one more sample for more detailed examination that I'll be the one to deliver the clinic and then his work here is done.

Me? I've got a lot more ground to cover. There is:

1. A diagnostic cycle, where I will show up for 5-10 consecutive days at 7:00 for a blood test and an ultrasound - and not the wand on the belly kind.
2. A sonohysteroscopy, where they fill my uterus with a glucose solution to check for scar tissue and blockages of the fallopian tubes and do another ultrasound. The doctor said it's "painless". Uh-huh. That's why the instructions advise a couple of preemptive Advils before the procedure.
3. A "Day 3" ultrasound to check for healthy egg follicle development at the beginning of the cycle.
4. Additional serum screenings to determine egg stores and how they're faring.

All of this will be completed before my follow up appointment on August 17th. Hurry up and wait!

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