Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm a fan of summer TV

It's very lowbrow these days to admit that you like TV, but I do. In particular I like summer TV. I like the usual suspects Breaking Bad , Weeds and Mad Men. But the one I'm mostly looking forward to is the return of True Blood. Yes, it's campy and there's some serious moments of fromage, but there's Alexander Skarsgard who more than makes up for it. I spend most of the summer thinking about doing dirty, dirty things with that man. I'm pretty sure The Husband has nothing to worry about but just in case he's totally on my Famous Five list.

However, when I say I'm a fan of summer TV I mean that I like to watch it. I don't mean that I like to participate in forums or write fanfic. If I miss an episode or six I catch them later. It's not like the plots are so deep that I'm left completely out of the loop. I don't have conversations with The Husband or my  friends that revolve around TV. If the satellite is down I always manage to find something else to do.

Hmmm... Maybe I'm just really a fan of Alexander Skarsgard...

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Anonymous said...

I don't watch a lot of TV, but I am addicted to Survivor and Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family. Well, 'addicted' sounds bad...let's just say that I like those shows, like them enough to DVR 'em and then miss sleep to watch them after I've met my deadlines, even if that means walking around like a zombie the next day.

Okay, screw it. I'm addicted.