Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

The Husband is leaving me. Oh, not forever - just for a few days. And it's not like attending his grandmother's funeral is going to be a rockin' good time away from the fam. In fact, he'll leave family that he actually likes (most of the time, I hope...) to see distant relatives who will pinch his cheeks and say "I haven't seen you since you were *this big*!" Every grown man loves to have his name and "teeny-weenie" in the same sentence.

I'll be holding down the fort with The Parasite, the kid who deliberately headbutted me so hard tonight, I would not be terribly surprised to find hairline fracture in my skull. I'm telling you they make them so cute at this age to keep parents from eating their young. At least I'll be able to drive to work for the next few days and go straight to pick her up after work. Driving is no faster than taking transit, but my car smells better than the subway.

I've completed the list and the shopping for the big road trip next week. Have I mentioned I likes me some lists? I'll post the list and the pictures to prove it when I'm done. And then you'll wonder how I manage to function every day when I have so much neurosis to carry around with me!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a list girl, too. :O)